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a poster with the words 24 i have no idea in black and white, including an image of a man holding his hands up
a poster with an image of a person talking on the phone
two people shaking hands with the words, ways to say'well done'in black and white
a girl with purple hair standing in front of a blue background and text that says, the
an orange and red poster with the words, ways to say i'm not sure
a woman is talking on her phone with the words different ways to say i think
a cartoon girl standing in front of a pink background with the words, ways to say welcome
a woman in a blue suit and white shirt with the words ways to say busy
a poster with an image of a woman in black pants and white shirt on it
an english poster with the words, 20 short english phrases to tell someone to wait
an english sentence used in daily life is shown with the words and pictures below it
English Sentences used in Daily Life
Simple Sentences Examples Youtube, English Grammar Rules, English Sentence Structure, English Grammar Notes, English Grammar Basic
Simple Sentences Examples
two different types of english words with the same subject in each language, and one has an
This Facebook Page Makes It Clear How Silly Linguistics Is, Here Are 40 Of Their Funniest Posts