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What is he even doing???

As the photographer I wouldn't be mad - two handsome boys are better then one xD

Great plan Yoongs, really

The earth is round so I better start walking and I'll end up at their dorm🏃🏻‍♀️

This is so cute ❤️

This is so cute ❤️ the things they do for eachother is so precious

This is just Jin...and the fact he was awkward since he was born is why I love him oh so much. So pretty, so awkward.

Jin speaking my language, one of the reason why I Stan him and the group because the mother is weird and awkward along with her children "I was awkward since I was born" same Jin, same


This is me with my ships. I used to ship Yoonmin but now Im all for that Yoonseok

essa foto me da uma dor enorme, se bem que ele chorou de felicidade, mas meu neném quase nunca chora :((

Yoongi has accomplished so much. I'm so proud of him. He's an astounding producer, skilled rapper, an overcomer of depression. His tears are well deserved, I'm proud.

BTS X GOT7 | We Heart It // I am almost starting to think I need a separate board for these I am coming across! If you add in some EXO its BOOM a Kpop Trifecta aka Holy Trinity! #got7

BTS X perfection/insanity combined to greatness ❤️🙏