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Heck yes Ko Ko Bop era was breathtaking

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Me when my frds says Korean boys r gay 😒🖕

#ThePowerOfMusic #Parallel_Universe #EXO

It's like they can see me trough my laptop screen.

#Chanyeol #Exo

#Chanyeol #Exo

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So handsome♥ sehun

EXO wallpaper for phone

Exo be be yim💕

Resultado de imagem para chanyeol tumblr wallpaper

Unless you are park chanyeol, then I don't care.


August Chanyeol in Ko Ko Bop.

#EXO #ParallelUniverse #ThePowerOfMusic #Power #AMessageFromEXOPlanet

the power of music

THERE WOULD BE A MOMENT WHEN EVERY FUCKING PEOPLE IN THIS WOLD WILL BE A EXO'S FAN AND WE JUST HAVE ACCEPT IT because that people were the ones who once told you that EXO were ugly and untalented and you was weird as hell

I have that jumper too. the black version, I am Chanyeol.

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160825 Watch me whip


His sweat is like oddly sexy.

Sehun and Chanyeol

Sehun, Chanyeol - 170720 ‘The War’ album contents photo - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: Xiuminimal.

[P/wall] #EXO #TheWar #EXO_POWER #ThePowerofMusic

MAMA 2017 - Voted for EXO ! - Artistes of the Years , Best performance mal groupe , Song of the Years . - __ Go Voted ➡ __ (Im voted for BTS ! Sorryyy 😊🙏😍😍✔but Im Army 💉♥) __


Chanyeol - 160825 Mnet M!

EXO'RDIUM #160731#Chanyeol

Chanyeol - 160731 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Seoul Credit: My Black Label.