Street style hijab

here is the latest collection of casual wear hijab styles & designs with jeans trends for women consisting of funky printed hijab designs with casual jeans & tops!

If you can't, then you're not necessary anyway!

One of the reasons women wear the hijab is to put their own intelligence and personality before their beauty. This quote is also relevant to those who make judgements about women who wear the hijab, such as being oppressed and/or a terrorist.


Hijab- my right, my choice, my life. I support that, because once again, France and America alike are rushing to control the female side of the religion. Not the unjust actions of the religion.

Hijab Tutorial

moonhmz: “ a simple sketch on how I usually wear my hijab. I like it long, especially in the front :) ” 1000 notes! OMG you guyss! My first sketch to reach 1000 notes is this simple sketch of a ‘hijab tutorial’.


Ruffle hijabs are very liked not only for evening events, eid, weddings- but also for daily look. It looks fun and beautiful. Not many muslim women have