Chocolate oreo cake

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This may contain: a hand holding a chocolate brownie with the words, the best small batch brownies
The best small batch brownies to make for 2-4. These are chewy and fudgy brownies!
This small batch brownies recipe will blow your mind! It is made with a handful of simple ingredients to bring you the fudgiest and chewiest brownie of your life. This recipe yields a chewier brownie that is almost too easy to throw together. Trust me I made them 15 times since I came up with this recipe. I like to think that it was for research purposes so I can really give you something you can trust, but in reality, they are just that good!
an oreo cookie cake with white frosting and chocolate cookies on top, ready to be eaten
Cookies and Cream Pie
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a cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles on it
Try These 15 Hacks To Transform An Ordinary Grocery Store Cake Into A Gorgeous Art Piece
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How to make number birthday cakes - Today's Parent