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the short story checklist is shown in black and white
How to Write a Short Story: The Short Story Checklist |
How to Write a Short Story: The Short Story Checklist |
a blue and pink background with text that reads character profile on the bottom right corner
Character profile
Hello everyone! I've created a character profile template that you can use to bring your characters to life. Whether you're a writer, roleplayer, or just enjoy creating characters for fun, this template will help you flesh out your character's personality, backstory, appearance, and more. Use it to keep track of all the important details and make your characters feel like real people!
the steps to writing a novel for beginners are shown in green and black text
How to Write a Novel Outline and Structure a Story
two people kicking each other in the water with text overlay reading how to write a training sequence in your novel
How to Write a Training Sequence in Your Novel
the title for the book, 100 + things to consider world building by jonathan lovell
The Best World Building Questionnaire Ever: 100+ Things to Consider When Creating Your Setting - Author H. R. Truelove Writing
the 30 day writing challenge is shown
30-day writing challenge
30-day writing challenge : coolguides
how to write a novel info sheet
Do beginner writer tips tell you all the steps to writing a book?
an image of a text description for characters
The Writer's Corner
an image of a poster with words on it and the title for writing tips, written in
How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide - Aha!NOW
the hero's journey guide is shown in black and white
A Complete Guide to The Hero’s Journey (or The Monomyth)
the text reads best dark writing prompts with plot twistes on a red background
Dark Writing Prompts With Plot Twists
Discover dark writing prompts with plot twists that will send shivers down your spine! Visit the blog to ignite your creativity and explore the darker side of storytelling.