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민현 MinHyun 黃旼泫 황민현 Hwang Min Hyun

fy-wannaone: “Fancafe Official Photos “Hwang Minhyun Behind Sketch Photos ” ”


jihoon dont u think the lipstick in ur lips is too .


'Innisfree' shared more cuts of Wanna One. The first endorsement deal for the boy group of 'Produce season 2 is with the cosmetic brand…

Bae Jinyoung

RT Haunted house: Bae Jinyoung: singing Nayana Daehwi: I'm sorry! It's my fault! Daniel: I'm going to die I'm going to die

lee daehwi pics (@daehwi101pics) | Twitter

Netizens are criticizing Brand New Music for preparing to debut a new boy group with trainees currently on 'Produce season Rhym…

Baejin, Daehwi

jinxhwi: “jinyoung and daehwi after daehwi’s rank was announced ”