Nanik Gunawan

Nanik Gunawan

Hello, friends! Please check out this site : Mampir,ya, ke blog kursusku. Ada english phonic untuk anak PG/TK, engl
Nanik Gunawan
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Washi tape crafts: Entertain kids of all ages making washi tape stick puppets. My girls loved doing this

Such BEAUTIFUL little craft stick dolls. They make me want to go off and eat lots of popsicles and make a set for us NOW. Or alternatively, I could just go through our craft stick pile and use those.

Toilet paper rolls, macaroni and gold spray paint = gold cuffs

diy cute bracelet made of toilet paper rolls, mac. and spray paint. I would use this same concept nd maybe do a design with a glue gun then spray paint it for a costume piece. DIY Egyptian costume jewelry for girl scout world thinking day

Drawing on text paper and outlining in white.

Art on old book pages. cute as framed pictures in a little girls room or library! (its a cute idea, then i started reading the actual page and this particular page is not entirely appropriate to put it in a little girls room!