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This made me cry. Darn you crying Snape, and Harry with his mothers eyes.

snape and lily - even though Harry's being alive is not a good excuse for Snape's behavior, and if Snape hadn't told Voldemort the prophesy, James and Lily might still be alive.

I dont ship Snape/Lily but I can just imagine how different he wouldve been if she had loved him back

I can just imagine how different he would've been if she had loved him back (and if he hadn't been so interested in the dark arts)

Snily <3 Severus Snape <3 Lily Evans <3 Draco Malfoy <3 Hermione Granger <3 Dramione

I'll always be a fan of Dramione. Seriously, the whole "inter-house unity" bit throughout the books and umm. you don't get a major character pairing between Slytherin and Gryffindor? I do love Ron and Hermione though.

I've seen a lot of Snape/Lily fan art, but I particularly like this one. (by ellaine on deviantart)

This is probably one of my favorite prints. It is simply beautiful and as a hard core Snape fan, slightly heart breaking. I thinks the symmetry and yet asymmetry really helps illustrate their relation ship. Plus you gotta love the Art Nouveau vibe.