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Crying eye pencil drawing I like eye's and how different people interpret eyes because you can tell a lot by what same one is feeling in there eyes

Muslim Women ♡ ❤ ♡ . Women's in Islam . Follow me here MrZeshan Sadiq

Moslems required to subdue their view.


It's elegant, stylish, striking, and this sparkly abaya should be in my closet.

The final journey none can escape. Quran alone @ Muslim Villa

Every soul will taste death.

Allah always hear what we say to him.. Allah is one..

Allah sy roo k mangty hn.

Never EVER too late...

Don't say about your self that i can't be , cause you still have opurtunity to be a better muslimah.

Zara Afreen Khan ❤

Zara Afreen Khan ❤ Sükut-u Lisan Selameti İnsan

no winter blues

cute anime girl with hijab

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.very effective do read

very effective do read

ALLAH I all I need.

Just me & Allah ♥

DuckScarves instagram illustration @soefara

DuckScarves instagram illustration @soefara

For the Professional Muslimah - Please share :) ♥…

For the Professional Muslimah

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Five pillars of Islam- acts of worship every Muslims must perform; this includes belief,prayers,charity,fasting and pilgrimage

Entering home

Dua Entering home