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Your sister is dead because of you

Frozen Disney sisters Love

People think that Frozen is the first movie to teach girls that they don't need a man to save them. Studio Gibly is so much more feminist and amzing 10 times better than frozen or any Disney film for that matter. Frozen, don't get cocky!

Ok,so I have seen Frozen (it was great) I saw it a while back but couldn't comment for some reason.TO ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN IT YOU NEED NEED NEED TO SEE IT.IT IS ONE OF...NO THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER EVER EVER SEEN. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!(if anyone tells me they didn't cry or love some part of the movie THEY ARE WRONG!!!!! DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM THEY ARE CRAZY!!)                         P.S I'm not crazy.

Here I stand in the light of dayyyy let the storm rage oooooooooooon the cold never bothered me anyway(I love let it go its my favorite song)

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Disney Frozen awww i need some one to cure my frozen heart but it also needs to melt before it can ever be warm again.