The Kennedy's photographed by Jacques Lowe

The Beatles Warm Up for Abbey Road

Javanese, 1935. exquisite features

old photos from morocco

ALLEGEDLY The origin of the word "THOT" now acronymed as "That Hoe Over There" stemed from the nick name of Sarah Baartman. In the early 1800's Sarah Baartman traveled from South Africa to Europe i...

Original photograph of SAARTIJIE "SARAH" BAARTMAN. Born and raised amongst the KHOIKHOIS in SOUTH AFRICA. In 1810, she was persuaded by Dr. WILLIAM DUNLOP to travel to EUROPE to make her fortune. However, she was considered an anthropological freak in ENGLAND/PARIS, and she found herself being displayed as a sexual curiosity, and could only find work as a PROSTITUTE and CARNIVAL FREAK. Dubbed by her captors, THE HOTTENTOT VENUS, her image swept through ALL of European popular culture.:

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