Ameen Ameen Ameen. InsyaAllah Islam is beautiful. Alhamdulillah... islamic quotes / phrases I love Islam ♥

Oh Allah ﷻ protect my heart from being attached to something that will not benefit me in my Akhira. Guide this fragile heart.

The Beauty of Islam - uzziblue:     Pair this up with Tahajjud and...

uzziblue: “ Pair this up with Tahajjud and wallahi you will get addicted to waking up for tahajjud and having that special connection with Allah. Not trying to blow my trumpet but I say this from experience and if a sinner like me can experience it.

"So be patient. Verily, the promise of #Allah is true." #Quran 30:60 #Islam…

This is a Muslim teaching, and Pi was Islamic as well as Christian and Hindu. His Muslim faith helped him through his journey and it helped make him into the character that he was.

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Peace Be Upon You - Trust Allah’s plan.

I know you test me. I hope i pass your test, and get closer to you each and every day. I know you have better plan for me.

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