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Circular Karl Springer Mirror 1
Pair of Cobalt Blue Murano Glass Mirrors 1
Cast Iron Crittall Mirror, English, circa 1890 1


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L'Hôtel Belloy réinventé par Sandra Benhamou au cœur du Quartier Latin
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Fireplace and DoorwayWharton H. Esherick


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lindsey adelman with porcelain shades and brushed brass hardware.


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Coffee Tables - Andrianna Shamaris
Coffee Tables - Andrianna Shamaris
Pinch's coffee table made from plaster and resin composite material Jesmonite


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Introverso soprapianor
Al showroom 2017 10 10 azimut fondo nero


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a bedroom with a bed, lamps and pictures on the wall
【川谷堂】SUMAY樹美 | 煙火氣的潮汕,百味珍饈外的文化脈絡
the door is open and there are two pictures on the wall above it, along with a clock
The Hoxton, Williamsburg
four different colored squares are arranged on a white surface, each with one square in the middle
Wooden Aquarelle @ DDW2015 9 - MaterialDistrict
a bathroom with white walls and black flooring, including a sink, toilet and mirror
antoniolupi design
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a white sink sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a faucet
antoniolupi design
Introverso soprapianor
a black wall mounted light on the side of a dark wall with no lighting in it
antoniolupi design
Al showroom 2017 10 10 azimut fondo nero
two white sinks sitting next to each other
antoniolupi design
Al showroom 2017 09 26 eclipse fondo bianco montaggio03e04 prodotti
a bathroom with red walls and marble sink in the center, two mirrors on the wall
antoniolupi design
Al showroom 2018 02 20 eclipse marmo 02 gen luce blu
a mirror hanging on the wall above a sink
antoniolupi design
a bathroom with two sinks and a mirror in it's corner, against a blue tiled wall
Valerie Dray - You And I