Natalie Paulina

Natalie Paulina

Natalie Paulina
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Rowan Made | 2016 Review

I like three logos here: OAK with the overlapping letters and missing font, the A with its left side blank, and the AJA Edmond with missing parts of letters. I like the simplicity but also the accents of missing parts makes us use our imaginations

Visuel identitet til kinesisk fashionbrand | Re-public

A list of 33 famous graphic design companies from all over the world – the ones that designers dream of working for and clients covet.

Could this be something with like the full studio name in gold? I like bold, different lettering

Paris Pro Regular White by Moshik Nadav Typography. Beautiful, suggestive, disappearing hairline stokes of the 'S' makes the connecting swash to the 't' seem a little weighty as well as the slightly squared terminal verses the razor sharp crossbar.