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Nipping, biting and chewing are normal behaviours for puppies of any breed of dog. Yet while it is pretty harmless in a young dog, it could be outright dangerous if it does not learn not to bite before it reaches adulthood.

Do you speak dog? Dogs communicate using body language more than they do vocally, says the informative poster Talking Dog from world-famous canine behavior

God's mercy

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Oooo kai :/ #exo #kpop

My face every morning cuz i wake up at six in the morning for school

Kai is so gorgeous. Like oh my god. Baekhyun and Tao were my Bias' but I think Imma have to add Kai in there. XD

EXO's Kai // High Cut Korea // Vol. 73 I think I've already pinned this at some point but oh well