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EXO'nun olaylara vereceği tepkiler. Bu kitap OT12 içerir ve aksi id… #hayrankurgu # Hayran Kurgu # amreading # books # wattpad

Cute reaction Baekhyun 😏😍 When there's an annoying hair in your face and it's not going anywhere, so you just close your eye and pretend it isn't there

Chanyeol is probably disappointed in Baekhyun. he probably gonna confess his love for him, until YODA.

jingyeolbaeks: “ chanyeol’s not putting up with your shit today baekhyun… ”

0.0 the only comment i can make about this without soundy weird is: haha everyone all showing off their abs and theres kung just sitting in bed with a book

wow, it's like an EXO menu. I just sat down to unwind after having enough of "reality" for one day. there are no words for how therapeutic this is.

D.O EXO K Squishy Kyungsoo

Exo - D.O "D.O hates when his girl fans are always talking about how big his eyes are or how much his white part shows soo much. So stap!