Slow Horse / ELASTICOSPA+3

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Modernistic-This house has a pointy top, horizontal lines along the house, and shapes all over the house. This house is soon to be popular, making our generation more modern.

Luz y Mar

What once was an outdated brick home in Limpopo, South Africa, now is a visually stunning masterpiece by none other than Nico van der Meulen Architects.

Built by djuhara + djuhara in Bekasi, Indonesia with date 2008. Images by djuhara + djuhara. This project was offered to the architect after the client had seen his project for the low budget Sugiharto Steel Ho...

Wisnu & Ndari House / djuhara + djuhara

© djuhara + djuhara Architects: djuhara + djuhara Location: Bekasi, Indonesia Architect In Charge: Ahmad Djuhara Contractors: Eduard Sirait, Alex Gandung,

Sujiva Living by Somia Design Studio - Indonesia

Sujiva Living / Somia Design Studio

Gallery - Toh Crescent / Hyla Architects - 10

Gallery of Toh Crescent / Hyla Architects - 10

Image 9 of 31 from gallery of Toh Crescent / Hyla Architects. Photograph by Derek Swalwell

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