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Remedy for fatigue due to loss of bodily fluids.

The homeopathic medicine China officinalis also know as Cinchona officinalis, in a 200 potency, given once per day, is specific for fatigue after the loss of bodily fluids. It can be especially helpful for nursing mothers

This calming and uplifting DIY essential oil blend is for safe use in all stages of labor and natural childbirth. Using ylang ylang, lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, it can be used for massage oil, diffusing, or making hot or cold washcloth compresses.

Calming and uplifting DIY essential oil blend for all stages of labor and childbirth. Can be used for massage, diffusing, or making hot/cold compresses.

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Keep calm... Birth is normal

Childbirth is not a dangerous disease. It is a normal function of a woman's body. Birth is normal. Natural birth is beautiful. Complications need to be medically managed. Birth in itself should not be.