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So I have had two waters, two fires and one grass starter

The Wrath of the Water Legion, The Kingdom of Fire, and the Natural Power of Grass- I'm sure that they are all made of the final evolutions of starter Pokemon


Top to bottom is Touya and his Zekrom and Touko and her reshiram Dawn and her Palkia and kouki and his dialga Yuuki and his Kyogre and May and her Groundon Lyra and her Lugia and Hibiki and his Ho-oh and Red and his Mewtwo.

A Guide for Hunting Shiny Pokémon

Pokemon X and Y shiny Pokemon hunting guide: Fun story, I was playing Pokemon Y and I was just running around in a field of lovely yellow flowers when suddenly a horde of Poliwag appeared. At first I was gonna run but then I realized that one of them was


pokemon haha if u ever played Pokemon first red version or leaf green this is hilarious