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'We Got Married - Global Edition' couple SHINee's Key (키) and his 'wife' Japanese model Arisa Yagi (八木アリサ) spent a day together for 'Cosmopolitan's photoshoot and a separate wedding pictorial!

SHINee's Key and onscreen wife Arisa Yagi get romantic for 'Cosmopolitan' & wedding pictorial

In a recent recording of MBC’s “We Got Married Global Edition,” virtual couple, SHINee’s Key and Japanese model Yagi Arisa, completed a wedding photoshoot.

shinee key and arisa yagi

Key and Arisa in Global We Got Married Season 2 ___ They are so sweet together! Such a Gorgeous photo, of the gorgeous couple!

shinee key and arisa yagi

We Got Married Key and Yagi Arisa (Japanese Model)