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さきひみゆ【咲妃みゆ】画像まとめ【雪組トップ娘役】 - NAVER まとめ Kimono Top, Women's Top
さきひみゆ【咲妃みゆ】画像まとめ【雪組トップ娘役】 - NAVER まとめ
さきひみゆ【咲妃みゆ】画像まとめ【雪組トップ娘役】 - NAVER まとめ
an advertisement for the japanese movie's avatars, featuring several women in black and white
Takarazuka Revue Cosmos Troupe (Sora Gumi) Cosmos, the newest troupe, is less traditional and more experimental. When it was first formed, it culled talent from the other troupes. The Cosmos style is influenced by performers like Asato Shizuki, the founding otokoyaku top star; Yōka Wao and Mari Hanafusa, the "Golden Combi" who headed the troupe for six of its first eight years. Cosmos were the first troupe to perform Phantom and to have a Broadway composer (Frank Wildhorn) write their musical sc
a man and woman standing next to each other
頬袋 -cherry lip-
Top of the Cosmos Troupe Mari Hanafusa 花總まり Youka Wao 和央ようか
an image of two people dressed up in fancy clothes and tiaras with pearls on their heads
Elizabeth 1998: Hanafusa Mari & Youka Wao
Takarazuka Royalty, Quick Saves
two women dressed in black and silver posing for a photo with one holding her finger up
Chie & Nene "Celebrity" - Takarazuka Hoshigumi
Takarazuka Clothes, Hair, Chef Jackets, Kiss, Mens Outfits, Japan
an advertisement for the movie casino, featuring two men in suits and hats with dice on their
ポスター | 星組公演 『ガイズ&ドールズ』 | 宝塚歌劇公式ホームページ
an advertisement for a fashion show in japan
三井住友VISAミュージカル『エリザベート』-愛と死の輪舞(ロンド)- 瀬奈じゅん
紅ゆずる Leather, Rebecca Minkoff Hobo, Interview, Ruffle Blouse, Leather Jacket
紅ゆずるさんと中村七之助さんへ一問一答 〈後編〉
some type of text that is written in english and japanese characters on the same page
goo ブログ 無料でブログを作成
rika Fan, My Life, Saree
❤Me&My Life❤