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And humor that probably make people worry about me more lol Humour, Memes, Feelings, Tumblr, Best Memes, I Can Relate, Literally Me, I Laughed, Humor
And humor that probably make people worry about me more lol
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the tweet is being displayed on the screen for everyone to know about it
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the tweet is being posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like they're calling people opinions of me fans
an image of a text that reads, i'm not interested with the concept of pinterest like gooooh pretty pictures let me sort you
the tweet has been posted to someone about their favorite book, and it's hilarious
the text reads, my father is the worst man alive and i am his favorite daughter
some type of text that says if you give me the highest hint of abandoment and whirdrawal, i would outdo you
#poetryslideshow #slideshow #poetrytok #fypシ #poetry #poetry #poem #ch... | Poetry | TikTok
a tweet that reads, if i have to go through any more character development my character is gonna developing into a villain
a twitter post with the caption'source? bro divine institution '
the text reads, when my coping mechanism is touching my necklace for some sort of support
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