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Kyaaaaa se ven tan kawiis djdvwvddkfjfbjdccbdjjd ahora quiero ver un bill x dipper y asi podre morir en paz<<Kyaaaaa look so kawiis djdvwvddkfjfbjdccbdjjd now I want to see a bill x dipper and so I can die in peace


do u ever see a photo of ur ult and u just kinda stop breathing bc you are so stunned by their beauty and the fact that they are alive at this very moment and just

Baaaaaabe! But I know Jeonghan is yours

Choi Seungcheol a.a Scoups My future husband ehehe Our leader wore tho hot black outfit ><

Jun ~ if he keeps staring like that my bias list is in danger

Wtf is with this whitewashing tho? Where's his melanin? I hate this! Only vampires are THIS white. I want to see natural skin tones, whatever they are! Hear this, kpop: We like natural!