Kerajinan tangan dari barang-barang atau botol bekas adalah salah satu cara yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk membantu menyelamatkan lingkungan kita.

Mine should be up and running soon! Got an apartment with limited space? A Hydroponic window farm is for you. All you need are plastic bottles with cuts in them, plants, soil, and some supports to hold it to a PVC frame.

pesawat dari botol bekas

This DIY plane piggy bank soars with such coolness that your kids will be begging to save those pretty pennies of yours :-) fun kids crafts, kid ideas, kids diy ideas

Kerajinan Tangan Dari Kain Perca

cute owls using scrap fabric. I made a bunch of these and donated them to a local childrens hospital.

pretty and neat o

Bottom of a 2 liter, paint a trunk/branch/stems/whatever, colored paint for petals and BOOM! Better art than that crap IKEA painting everyone else and their mother has in their living room!

Kerajinan Tangan Dari Gelas Plastik Bekas Minuman

Kerajinan Tangan Dari Gelas Plastik Bekas Minuman