Lol, so I realize I just stalked the entirety of your board, Maya. Love what you've collected, mA.

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Mulberry Black #ClassicBlack #AabCollection

Mulberry Black Abaya Best selling Mulberry is back with an official Aab signature button, there's no room for copies, we now have out best seller signed sealed and stamped and available in classic black!

HABIBAH VELVET Open Abaya | Our stunning Habibah Velvet Abaya is perfect for any occasion. Made using a stylish crushed velvet fabric, this abaya is a must.    Crushed Velvet, Nida & Chiffon in fabric (lightweight & soft) Pop up buttons from the neckline down to the knees making this abaya nursing friendly A beautiful floral velvet embossed pattern on the hem and sleeves Coloured lining underneath the velvet to create a beautiful contrast Gold embroidered piping effect Wear closed as ...

HANAA is a modest fashion brand that celebrate the Abaya and Hijab as a powerful expression of a woman's individuality.

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