Attack Attack! - This Means War

released their third studio album "This Means War" earlier this year through Rise Records.

Upon A Burning Body - Red. White. Green.

Upon a Burning Body from Texas is such an intense band. If you have a chance to see em live don't miss it, they put on a stellar performance!

Resist The Thought - Damnation

Resist the Thought - Damnation - Encyclopaedia Metallum

Burgerkill - Venomous

is Radio, rediscovered - Punch in the Face! () by in Jakarta

Hoobastank - Fight or Flight

Hoobastank - Incomplete from their upcoming album Fight or Flight I do not own the contents to this video. This song was written by Hoobastank and produced b.

Resist The Thought - Sovereignty

Resist the Thought - Sovereignty - Encyclopaedia Metallum

I See Stars - Digital Renegade (Instrumental)

I See Stars - [digital_renegade] (Instrumental Version)

Owl City - Midsummer Station

"Time" by Lithuanian artist ©Gediminas Pranckevicius, Used as an album cover: "The Midsummer Station" by Owl City.

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