Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Best Tablet 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note - Solid, perfect for certain users (heavy stylus app / software type user), otherwise prefer the Samsung Galaxy or for cost-effectiveness for average user

HTC One – Best Phone 2013

Before this, the greatest Android smartphone ever made was my phone, the HTC One X. This is the HTC One. Absolutely gorgeous with class, style and outstanding brilliance just oozing from it.

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 – Best Compact Camera 2013

Best compact cameras available today - Pocket-lint

Panasonic Lumix FT5 – Best Compact Camera 2013

An underwater camera can add a lot of fun to your trip. Click through to find eight great options to buy before your next GCFL adventure.

Nexus 7 – Best Tablet 2013

Why the new Nexsus 7 totally bosses it's major competitors.

Motorola Razr i – Best Phone 2013

Motorola Razr i – Best Phone 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Best Phone 2013

Samsung Mocks Apple through Virtual Queue in New Zealand

Sony Xperia Z – Best Phone 2013

Sony Xperia Z is set to launch on market as a premium smartphone that carries high-end specifications. The device has got all the charms to make it more attractive in its class. However, Sony has to shell out more to make it call as a premium smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5 – Best Phone 2013

Apple to launch iPhone 6 a month early: Some things to know about the new handset - Electronic Products