KLM Amsterdam Batavia

KLM Airline Rare use of a cutaway in a poster illustrates how different the cabin configurations used to be.

Warong (food stall) in Batavia (Jakarta) 1915

Old postcard from the old Dutch East Indies Jakarta was known as Batavia in that time. But I do love those old pictures!

Soekarno with Marilyn... #Indonesia #MarilynMonroe #Soekarno

Marilyn Monroe and Indonesia's President Sukarno ~ June 1956 Beverly Hills Hotel

Indonesian first President Soekarno in the Philippines stamp

Budi Putra on

Philippines Stamp - President of the Philippines Pres Quirino & Indonesian first President Sukarno

The old Jakarta #Indonesia

The National Museum in Jakarta, where you still can see it currently, standing proud in Central Jakarta, saving statues from the centuries.

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