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an abstract painting of a woman's head with circles and shapes on her face
Joselito Sabogal
a painting of two people hugging each other
a watercolor painting of a man's face with glasses and a green dot on his forehead
Benjamin Börklund
an abstract painting with yellow and brown colors, including two white houses in the foreground
Joselito Sabogal
an image of a man with blue on his face and another person's head
Bahram Hajou Paar,014 120x100cm
an abstract painting of two people with one holding the other's head and looking at each other
a painting of a man wearing a suit and tie with an orange wall in the background
Man for the Cause. 10"x8" Sold
a painting of two men with their faces covered in white paint on a purple background
an abstract painting of a woman's face
a drawing of a woman in pink and yellow with her hands on her hipster's back
an abstract painting of a woman's face with pink lines on her left side
a drawing of a woman floating in the air