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menu takjil versi dingin-dingin, pasti gabisa kamu tolak karna segerrrrin banget! 😋💚
Bahan-bahan: 200 g kacang hijau 1 liter air 60 g gula pasir 15 g matcha bubuk 60 g kental manis 150 ml susu UHT 100 ml Sasa Santan Omega 3 *bekukan di freezer minimal 3 jam* #SasaMelezatkan #KreasiSasa #SasaSantanOmega3 #EsKacangHijau #MungBeanIce
Ad yg doyan jg g nih guys ?#ayamgorengbawangputih
ide bekal simpel buat sikecil
Resep menarik lainnya klik di Bio ya bunnndaa 🥰😍😍😍 #reseprumahan #cemilansehat #cemilan #snack #recipes #foodies #resepmudah
How to make egg pancakes, so delicious and easy to make
Scallion Flower Rolls (Hua Juan) Recipe
These savory and artfully rolled delights are bound to tantalize your taste buds! 🤤 Follow along with our step-by-step recipe to master this culinary masterpiece that will impress your friends and family!
Healthy by praw on Instagram
With just a small bowl and some flour at home, you can easily make this hands-free fa gao. The process is simple, and the taste is even better than bread!
Bola-bola kentang
Orange peel candy
Mini Roti Jhon
Make Your Day
Filled Donuts 🍩 - chocolate/crème brûlée- best donuts ever!!!- follow 4 more 😊
crunchy potatoes