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You can mention using these cards in advance, but it’s not necessary or required. On the day you get started simply mention...

Print these daily routine picture cards for kids! Eliminate power battles, nagging and reminding during morning, bedtime, meal, play and chore routines!

Morning Routine with a 15 month old Toddler | RealLeyla - YouTube

As per so many of your guys' requests, I finally filmed our Morning Routine with Adriana. As she grows, the routine changes a bit, so although I can't go bac.

Thanks for the great tips! Being a SAHM is the best but so exhausting. I know your tips are going to cut the chaos and make me a happier and better SAHM. Can't wait to work on figuring out my own new identity too!

Being a Stay at Home Mom is rewarding, but it's also exhausting and hard. The best sanity saver tips for Stay at Home Moms to create a routine, stay organized, be prepared, make time for your marriage and yourself!