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a woman singing into a microphone while wearing a striped jacket and earrings on stage at a concert
a man is getting his hair cut by two other people in front of a red curtain
two men in hats and sunglasses are posing for a photo with another man wearing a hat
a woman with red hair holding a toothbrush in her mouth
a woman is sitting at a desk in front of a stained glass window with scissors
David Bowie, DJ 1979
three people sitting on the ground while one person holds his arms up in the air
a woman with red hair holding a guitar
David Bowie, 1973
John Lennon, David Jones, Rock N Roll, Popular Music, Actors
a young man standing in front of a camera set up for a photo shoot with his shirt off
two people standing next to each other at a party
Fashion, Hats, Twiggy, Iggy, Panama Hat
a painting of a man wearing a hat and holding a banana in his right hand