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children camping in the park with tents and campfires on green grass, illustration
Die Illustratoren Organisation e.V.
llustrator: Claudia Bauer Titel: Camping am Waldsee Schlagwörter: Thema: Natur, Gruppe, Kind Stil: Comic / Bildergeschichte / Manga, Cartoon Medium/Anwendung: Schulbuch, Kinderbuch, Jugendbuch, Bildung, Erziehung Technik: Buntstift, Aquarell
Carmen Martín Ilustradora Character Education Lessons, 1st Grade Writing, Picture Prompts, Visual Memory, Teacher Books, Speaking Skills, Kids Clipart
Carmen Martín Ilustradora
Carmen Martín Ilustradora
a group of children in a bedroom with a cat on the wall and a bed
Girls Only Sleepover ~ by Genevieve Kote
three girls are standing around a table with books and stuffed animals in front of them
Coleccion de Nuevas láminas Desarrollo de la Expresión Oral – Pragmática
lamina expresion oral fiesta de amigas
a group of people standing in a hallway next to lockers
Genevieve Kote