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an anime comic strip with the caption that reads, you're grub my boos
two anime characters, one in blue and the other in black with an angry look on their face
two anime comics with one saying no gays, nice or rare allowed
an anime character with long hair and purple eyes is next to a bottle of yuzu juice
Poucos vão entender kkkkkkkkkk
an anime character with long blonde hair and two different expressions
OtakuRox 2012-2024
Asi comenzo todo y la hicieron dudar de su Heterosexualidad :'v #Anime: Citrus (En Emisión) David Sama. <<- Únete . anime meme en español
citrus memes Otaku Anime
citrus memes
two comics that are very funny and one is telling the other how to use it
Traduction: -Qu'est que tu lis -R-rien
two anime characters sitting next to each other
Demian Sugoi goi