Comfortable clothing for women - perfect to fit in the large crown of Las Fallas in Valencia Spain.

the ultimate guide to office holiday party attire! all products are linked to...

what to wear to your casual, business formal, or cocktail holiday work party! Or ideas for colorful work outfits

Irna La Perle, Luminescence – The Actual Style

Irna La Perle, Luminescence – i really adore her transformation, from glam sophisticated into detail and syar'ie design


A man was caught trespassing in the female section of a Manchester mosque by Rashida Ahmed and taken into custody. Rashida bound the man's wrists before calling the police. When arrested, the intruder claimed to be interested in Islam.

Step-by-step tips for creating 15 different scarf looks.

15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

You know I love scarfs! 15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf--not hair, but still style-related.