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8-bit Fiction

Hey I'm David and I'm from Cali If you're feeling a little down listen to my playlist on Spotify here & and if you need me I'm probably crying while listening to Seahaven about me

8-bit Fiction

A staple remover is a gadget that considers the speedy expulsion of a staple from a material without bringing about harm.

8-bit Fiction

☁️ Nature ☆ Video games ☆ Lofi ☆ Beat tapes ☆ art ☆ Traveling ☆ College student ☆ Psychedelics ☆ Texas ☆ Crystals ☯☯Be at one☯☯

8-bit fiction

The world may end soon & everything shall return to dust.

We could be the Aurora Borealis in a cold, cold room.

Wasting my life over some psychotic ex-boyfriend, comics, games and booze. Pleased to meetcha!