Karunia Wisdaningtyas

Karunia Wisdaningtyas

Jakarta, Indonesia / a new mother ❤
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Tree bookshelf with leaves.

Perfect reading nook in the playroom!

Like narrow shelves with book covers facing out. Perfect child reading nook.

Storage Ideas for Kids - DIY Inspired Ikea spice racks for $4 for book storage...great for small/narrow areas

Wonder where I can find these to make a reading corner with the baby bed mattress

Definitely want a reading nook.

Adorable reading and play room for kids: create a darling nook anywhere in your house with books, maps, pillows, poufs, and more | maisondepax.com

Book nook in other wise unused space. Cheap photo ledges from IKEA + etsy wall decal = custom nursery library

DIY Success! Made a little girl's reading nook with walmart curtains, sheers, plastic rain gutters (for book shelves) and a crystal bedazzled pendant lamp. Love how it all came together.