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a black and white quote with the words get up and go for all that god has for you
Wardell S. on LinkedIn: #linkedincommunity | 20 comments
a quote that reads, the smiles will return the laughter will return the long nights will soon
Michael Bliss (@mrmichaelbliss) • Instagram photos and videos
a white background with the words if she prays to god about you, you mean a lot to her
SHE PRAYS FOR HIM™️ on Instagram: “I love this so much!! 🥰🥰🥰 @shepraysforhim #shepraysforhim #love #lovestory #pray #prayer #amen #christiandating #faith #relationships…”
the words it's safe for me to handle larger payments on a watercolor background
Try this affirmation out loud, “It’s safe for me to handle larger payments” See what money blocks come up for you. What's your "yeah but..."? You might even need to do some practical stuff, like accepting credit cards, or offering online bookings. Or this could be about increasing your prices. What does it bring up for you?
a quote that says i would die for my child
Of course it’s noble to die for your child, and few people will ever have to do that. But God commands all of us to daily live for His glory and their good. That is far harder. -AMBrewster-
an open book with the words let it be
a poem written in black and white with the words i think as you grow older you look for very different things in people honesty
If you find this person thank God and hold on...its rare
a sign that says before ending your marriage
How to Persevere When You Think Your Marriage Will Fail
i am worthy and deserving of everything i desired
Affirmation Magnet, Motivational Fridge Magnet, Inspirational Car Magnet, Mental Health, Inspirational Quote, Positivity Reminders, LOA Gift
Claim it! Get this magnet for consistent reminders to reprogram your subconscious and attract the life you wish to create! If you do not believe it now, seeing this reminder everyday on your refrigerator will reenforce your belief system! You attract what you are so be who you want to be. Not seeing abundance? You will now! Need reminders to be more grateful? We are here to help. You are everything you seek! Get to seeking! Get those reminders! We all need a little push everyday. This all st
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a christmas card with the words when god answers your prayer, he's increasing your faith
Happy Wife, Christian Marriage, Prayer For Husband, Prayers For Him
a quote about marriage is about three things
the enemy wants your marriage defaced, the gospel wants it transformed
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