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Amazing Architecture - Anara Tower Dubai - Anara Tower was a proposed supertall skyscraper located in Dubai. It was designed to look like a massive wind turbine. It would have been 600 m tall with 135 floors.


10 mind-bending libraries from around the world

Seuss Library One of the most remarkable libraries in the world is the Geisel Library in San Diego named after Audrey and Theodor Geisel, better

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Another Ulrich Muther.  Pool cabana & changing rooms.  Now I need a pool.

The structural engineer and architect, Ulrich Müther, known as the Oscar Niemeyer of the GDR, created a range of innovative concrete shell structures in.

My Funny: Weird Architecture Building In Some Countries | Pictures

Kunsthaus Graz (also known as the Graz Art Museum or the Friendly Alien), designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, opened in Graz, Austria,