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Trigonometry – Maths Poster

Learn about Trigonometry with this clear and comprehensive educational poster. The poster is perfect for being displayed in classrooms, school hallways and at home.

Trigonometry Poster

Daydream Education's Maths and Numeracy Posters are great learning and teaching tools. The engaging and attention grabbing Maths charts are guaranteed to improve understanding and help brighten school hallways and classrooms.

I absolutely love this post from great maths teaching ideas for a trigonometry-pile-up. However, I don& teach trigonometry in my grade math classes but I do teach Pythagorean Theorem. I decided

LORD OF THE RINGS Facts that Every Fan Should Know - 1 -- Lots more of these on my "Hobbit" board...

Read the first part of this infographic here: The Lord of the Rings: Ramdom Facts That Every Fan Should Know. [Via I already knew most of these, I'm on the second part of LOTR, but some were interesting

Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts

Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts (Part I was always saddened that movie watchers don't see the Eomer/Aragorn friendship that is in the books. (Since it is Eomer that rides in with Gandalf on the third day)