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an open book with a yellow triangle on it and a pen laying next to it
I am feeling accomplished :-) After seeing a super-cute Blue & Gold Banquet invitation on Pinterest (& after getting permission to copy it), I embarked on a very frustrating journey & succeeded! I used Pages (which actually meets most of my creative needs). Here is the end result. Thanks to VaLayne of the Akela Council for her original post and for helping me throughout the process! I'm happy to share my file if you're interested.
a poster with an image of a dog in the forest and other items on it
Reconocimiento para lobato que se va a la Aldea del Hombre.
some people are sitting around a campfire with the words scouts written on it and stars in the sky
Siempre listo
an image of a cartoon character in spanish
#Scouts #Manada #Lobatos
there are many different items on the table and one is made out of paper with string
Camping on Pinterest
the jungle book movie poster with an elephant and man in front of a full moon
the art of animation