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bretman eock abs challenge , best abs workout on your home
a glass of wine with the words surprise got my period, didn't notice and tried
17 Outrageously Embarrassing Period Confessions
the face of a man with tattoos on his arms and neck, next to an image of a smiling man
you just got baby whistled 😝
this bro has the saddest backstory
a woman with the words ok gota be the best come back of all time
True Quotes, Im Not Okay, I Hate My Life, Lose My Mind, In My Feelings, It Hurts
thank you for existing pinterest
a woman in a short purple dress is giving the thumbs up sign with her right hand
i wanted to be her friend so bad 😭
a cartoon bottle with the words are you lost baby girl?
two monkeys sitting on top of a hand with the words i used to love these
a cookie with the words cookie swirl c hehene
loved her
a cartoon character with the words i can't believe he never got a granny
a girl with long black hair is looking at the camera
My friend saw 9yo vapeing idk-, like I don't even swear
Being Ugly, I Don T Know, Fb Memes
im ugly ig
a woman in pink dress with text that reads, bored? pinterest stomach hurts?
an emoticive smiley face with the words me trying to draw without a reference
a woman with the caption why does my mind create the worst creepy monsters when it's dark?
⋆ whisper ⋆
the words are written in black and white on a piece of paper that says flick this opens pinterest refreshs closes pinter get bored opens pinterest
the cycle
a man with black hair wearing a suit and tie that says, has anyone else ever tried
just me... OK 🙂☹️
Me during any Science toss up for quiz bowl.
Me during any Science toss up for quiz bowl.
a woman with dreadlocks and the words me when people say i'm sorry
me when people
a woman with her hand on her hips and the words why do teachers push the whole class for something a few pdp did
children are sitting on the floor with their arms in the air and one child is standing up
Liking Someone
a woman with her hand up to her face and the words i only care about losing my
a woman sitting at a table with food in front of her and the words me if i don't listen to music for a day
Not my whisper
an image of a small blue creature with a mushroom on it's head and the words, we live we love we lie
i love smurf cat
someone holding stacks of money with the words me if this app paid me
a girl with headphones on her ears and the words me when i hear my parents taking
mine !
an older man with fake mustaches on his face and the words me doing my sunday self care
someone sitting down with their hands on their face and the words me after stutering 46 times
Swag, Coping Mechanisms, How I Feel
Freedom 😇
a blue smiley face with the words when he got the boyish look like in a man
whisper confessions
whisper, relationship Girlie Quote
omg emojis on whisper look so weird😭😭 (mine)
omg emojis on whisper look so weird😭😭 (mine)
a girl with her back to the camera and texting i'm the kind of person who notices everything but stays quiet
the movie poster for barbie, which features an image of a woman on top of a giant
Barbie +Spiderman atsv
a girl playing guitar with the caption how do people not listen to music everyday? i can't go a day without it
music keeps me sane i swear
an image of a man with the words he was so silly
a smiley face with the words me after being screaming and cussed at for not catching the ball in pe
I’m ok!🥲