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Malang, Indonesia  ·  Door slams!
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Feeding on Demand When Breastfeeding | Expressing Mama

Baby Feeding Cues great to learn as a new parent. You will recognize baby is hungry before they start to cry. Responsive feeding in an important part of developing your newborn baby's health. Read more about Feeding on Demand When Breastfeeding

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introvert-insight: “ wheresmybubble: “ My survival kit. ” Most of this is pretty accurate for me, but I’m curious to know what YOUR introvert “survival kit” is. :) ” I’d probably include a teleportation portal to visit family and friends.

I love this part!

I love that Tae is the cutest looking thing in the world but then he changes and his face says 'don't fuck with me' but trust me you wanna fuck with him

Facts and myths about dementia everyone should know.

This infographic discusses Dementia and the many possible manifestations of it: Lewy Body Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease Dementia.