"School 2017" Kim Sejeong, Kim Jung-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon. A drama that grew on me. Now i am hooked. It's a cute and touching story about high school kids.

School 2017 (학교 2017 - 16 episodes - airing now. So far it's a pretty generic high school drama not bad, but nothing stellar in the writing. chemistry, or performances so far. Its sort of a rehash of all the high school dramas I've seen.

Sejeong Got Caught Trying To Defend Herself While Pretending To Be A Netizen  — Koreaboo

Sejeong Got Caught Trying To Defend Herself While Pretending To Be A Netizen — Koreaboo

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#Sejeong #gugudan #세정 #김세정 #구구단

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Kim Sejeong Talks About Her "School 2017" Acting Debut | Soompi

Ahead of the first broadcast of upcoming drama "School the Monday-Tuesday drama held a press conference to introduce the drama and answer quest