Indonesia - Sumatera Barat province | "Three female guests at a Minangkabau wedding" || ©National Museum of World Cultures, Leiden, Netherlands. // TM-10005053

Minangkabau ladies from Koto Gadang - Indian influence on local fashion

Pakaian Penghulu Minangkabau

Traditional Clothing of West Sumatra Province. Indonesia Traditional clothing from West Sumatra is divided into two, namely “Penghulu Custom” for man and ” Bundo Kanduang “for woman in the Minangkabau tribe of West Sumatra.


young Minangkabau women attending a high status wedding

In an obscure Muslim society in Indonesia, women are revered—and own key property. Islam’s Secret Feminists In an obscure, devoutly Muslim ethnic group in Indonesia, women are revered—and own key land and property. Danielle Shapiro reports on the world’s largest matrilineal society.

Indonesia’s Minangkabau: The World’s Largest Matrilineal Society

Indonesia: traditional headdress worn at the Aqika, Minangkabau tribal ceremony celebrating birth Minangkabau people, also known as Minang, is an ethnic group indigenous to the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Foto para Datuak di Minangkabau

Datuk from Koto Gadang, West Sumatra wearing Songket