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I'm sorry. I had to repin this.

You're so slick, so wet, so hot for me, I'm going to bite you now.

Lion Mikoto & mini Neko Munakata

Mikoto's first time seeing his and Reisi's cubs, yep Reisi just passed out from all the cuteness that has just transpired, I did too actually.

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Mikoto x Munakata「【中国語注意】尊礼LOG」/「敬」の漫画 [pixiv]

Look children, I wore your poor father down. Be good to him and don't be too loud while playing, okay?

Anna and Izumo as Sadness, Deadly Sin fanart serie

K Project - Anna Kushina and Izumo Kusanagi seven deadly sins style

Honestly if you don't think this is art there is something wrong with you

Art is the act of feelings and ideas being poured out through a more visible medium. The only differing factor in fan art versus original art is the subject matter. Passion = beauty in the art world, and fans have plenty of that.