36 Pin283 Pengikut
19th Century, Russian
French cotton dress c. 1804
Vintage ca. 19th century
Overdress ca. 1800–1810. Sheer Cotton; Wool Embroidery.
19th Century Coat; Turkish
Gentleman's suit, 1770-1780, Hungary, budge, felt, embroidered with flat stitch, braiding. "...made of dark blue felt...set-in sleeves; the borders are embroidered with alternating motifs of big and small bunches of flowers, in green and white silk thread. Lined with brown lamb's fur ( a later addition)...width adjustable with a lace at the back. The borders and the standing collar are embroidered with the motifs described above. Decorated with white and green silk braids all around."
Early 19th century French silk stockings
Burnus, 19th century. Algerian.