Shadow Play: Monochromatic Reception Styling with Steve Cordony / Introduce Florals / Grandiflora


Anna Ławska

Table/wall of greenery and display tables. Bottles with greenery mixed in amongst potted plants

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// Otto Künzli Collections of leaves, flora

EXPO ‘Otto Künzli. L’exposition, bijoux de 1967 à 2012′ – MUDAC, Lausanne (CH) – 2 Juill.-5 Oct. 2014

Otto Künzli, Cozticteocuitlatl, Pendants, gold and silver Variable dimensions

silentive (adj.)

100 Ornamental Pink Pampas Cortaderia Selloana Grass Seeds ornamental grass with huge, silky, sand-pink plumes reaching 2 ft long atop ft stalk


This delightful cactus mailbox was photographed in Palm Springs, California by photographer Dolly Faibyshev as part of her series "Palm Springs." via SuperWaouH *, Lustik

La maison de Anouk et Joep à Bentveld

Inspiration déco du jour #3

Bright and spacious villa in Bentveld, Netherlands. a nice way to display plants - grouped plants on a vintage table.

original pinner says: This grassy succulent spread takes much less effort, water, & chemicals than a lawn, and delivers way more beauty! Photo by John Evarts

Love the grass California Cabbage Agave, Agave parryi, nestled in a field of blue fescue, festuca glauca, create a stunning contrast of texture. Both plants are wonderfully heat and drought tolerant.