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Satrio Wicaksono

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Satrio Wicaksono
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Sock Monkey! A real tutorial on how to make a sock monkey! @

A tutorial on how to make a sock monkey! This is so cute. I like it much better then the traditional sock monkey. If I could sew I would so find some cute socks and make this :-)

LEGO Creamsicle

Creamsicle / It was introduced (to me) in Along with the fudgesicle.

Papercraft World: Macross Robotech Papercraft

This papercraft is a battroid mode Strike Valkyrie (equipped with an upgraded Shinnakasu FAST "Strike" Pack, the becomes the "Strike" Valkyrie)

Papercraft World: Paper Crafts For Kids

I know from personal experience how hard it can be to keep the little people in your life entertained, particularly if like me you live in a.